Drum Key

The PepperHorn Drum Key

This guide is meant to help Drummers that are new to PepperHorn’s arrangements navigate our Drum charts. This key represents the basic mapping of PepperHorn’s charts (but not necessarily those of partner Arrangers offered through PepperHorn). We have worked with Pro Drummers around the world to refine our map to make it simple and concise while conveying as much info about the style and feel as possible.

We always feel the key is to strike the right balance between a Pro player who is familiar with a given tune or style and doesn’t need much Patter or Feel information and a Sight Reader who is not familiar with the particular tune or style at all. Both need a concise sheet that will give them the information they need to get the job done.

Any non-standard features on our Drum parts are always labelled with Text and an Arrow pointing to the first occurrence of the hit.

Foot Work

PepperHorn’s Drum charts are split into 2 ‘voices’, with stems up representing Stick work and stems down representing Foot work.

Stick Work

As mentioned above, Stick work is represented by stems up.

Working Examples

In PepperHorn’s Drum charts you’ll see the Pattern stated at the beginning of each section (usually where there is a Rehearsal Mark or Double Bar). We’ll then use Repeat Marks to denote how many bars to repeat the pattern. If it is a 1 bar Phrase there’ll be a 1 Bar Repeat Mark used. If it is a 2 bar Phrase you’ll see a 2 Bar or 4 Bar Repeat Mark in play. You’ll also see reminders in our charts for things like ‘Cross-Stick’. The Drum charts patterns are there for your reference — so colour them as you see fit!

Give it a try!

If you’d like to give one of our Drum charts a whirl before purchasing a chart there are a bunch of Free Charts available to try in the PepperHorn Store. To see the Free Charts just use the ‘Free’ filter under the ‘Type’ Filter Tab (at the top of the Shop page) or Click Here.

Any Questions or Comments

We definitely welcome your input! All of our engraving processes are a work-in-progress and are constantly evolving through experience and input from our friends and clients. Contact Shaun Evans at shaun@pepperhorn.com or use our Contact page.