What are ‘Licenses’ and what are the different types?

Great question! Some people might be asking ‘if I buy a chart, isn’t it just mine?’. The answer is technically no — the rights to the music and the arrangement rest with either PepperHorn Music or, in most cases the Publisher or Composer who we’ve licensed the right to arrange the music from. It’s the same story when you purchase music at an online music store — you get a copy of the music for your personal use, but technically that copy is ‘licensed’ to you to use provided you use it according to the terms of the license.

PepperHorn works hard to provide a 100% legally licensed resource for Professional Musicians to get quality charts from, and our licensing system is a big part of that. When you purchase a piece of Sheet Music or an Arrangement from PepperHorn Music it will come with one of the following licenses:

  • Print At Home : This is our standard license and comes with the majority of our Print Music products. It allows you unlimited personal use of your sheet music purchase including the ability to print copies from the My Account page.
  • 5 Print : Products with the 5 Print license limit the purchaser to 5 Print opportunities for the product purchased. Those opportunities do not have a time expiry, but once the 5 Print opportunities are complete the user will have to purchase an additional license for that product.
  • 7 Day Print : Unlike the standard Print At Home license, the user has only 7 days from the date of purchase to print off as many copies as they’ll require for their personal use. Once the license has expired the would have to purchase an additional license in order to gain more print opportunities.

Our Audio products come with different types of licenses depending on who PepperHorn licenses the underlying composition or Audio file from:

  • Audio Download : Our standard license for Audio products which will give you access to your MP3 or other Audio Files at any time from the My Account page.
  • 5 Downloads : This license entitles the purchaser to 5 Downloads of the product purchased. After the 5 Downloads have expired the user will have to purchase a new license to gain further access to the product.

If you have any questions about our Licenses please contact us via the Contact page or email us directly at info@pepperhorn.com. Full details of our Licensing Terms and Conditions can be found here.