Print Help

Why The PepperHorn Viewer?

PepperHorn Music licenses the right to arrange and sell our charts from a variety of Composers, Artists and Publishers around the world. It’s important for us to protect their intellectual property rights, so we only offer a Digital, ‘Print-At-Home’ delivery system for our charts. Once you’ve given it a go you’ll see its simple and easy to use.

How To Print


There are a few requirements to print with the PepperHorn Viewer:

  • A Web Browser with Adobe Flash installed. If you’re unsure if your Web Browser supports Flash try this test.
  • A connected Laser or Inkjet Printer (or networked or Cloud printer if applicable).
  • Quality paper to print your charts on.

If you’re on a Mobile device without Flash (ie. a Smart Phone, IPhone, Tablet, etc.) you’ll still be able to view any purchased charts, but printing won’t be available.

Ready To Go:

  1. Purchase a chart from the PepperHorn Shop or try out one of our Free Charts.
  2. Visit ‘My Account‘ and click the link to the chart you’re going to print. The link will take you to the PepperHorn Viewer page where you can view your chart.
  3. Click the ‘Print’ icon and try printing just one page (Set the ‘Pages’ to ’1 to 1′ for just the first page). Under the ‘Scaling’ options first try ‘No Scaling’
  4. . Click ‘OK’ and print your page.

  5. If the page has printed with no cropping (ie. parts of the page are not cut off) then you’re set to go — click ‘Print’ again and print the full chart. If your chart was cut off then try printing Page 1 again with ‘Scaling’ set to ‘Auto Rotate and Fit’.

If you are still having problems printing your chart after attempting these steps than please email us for assistance and we’ll sort you out as soon as possible.

My chart didn’t come up?!

If you’ve had a technical problem or your chart didn’t show on the PepperHorn Viewer page please email us immediately and we’ll get to the bottom of your issue

Further Help & Info

There are some further helpful articles on Printing, Paper Choice and more available in the ‘Printing & Paper Choice‘ section of our FAQ.