4 Horn Tpt II

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    Quick Description : One of The Clash's many Top 10 worldwide hits.
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    Styles: ||
    Tempo :
    Bpm : = 130
    Length: 3:45+
    TV Show: No Info
    Movie: No Info
    Musicals: No Info
    Instrumentation (Parts included with this chart) :
    • Background Vocals
    • Bass
    • Drums (Kit)
    • Guitar
    • Piano (Keyboards)
    • Vocals (Lead)
    • Rehearsal Score
    • Tenor Sax
    • Trombone
    • Trumpet I
    • Trumpet II
    Instrumentations from 6 Horn and up include a Rehearsal Score. Scores for smaller Instrumentations are available upon request.
    Keys :
    Stock Key: Am
    First Chord: Dm7
    Starts With: Band intro (8 bars)
    Other Available Keys: No Info
    Request Another Key:Click Here
    Ranges :
    Trumpet Top Note:
    Vocal Range:
    More Meta :
    Solos: Piano Solo
    Modulation: None