Where’s Your Band At? — Survey Results!

The results are coming in and I really appreciate everyone who’s shared their input. It’s great to get a slice of ‘COVID reality’ across a spectrum of the business globally. I’m sure we’ll all find this useful — if in the least to understand that we’re all in the same boat.

The charts / responses below are updating dynamically as new results come in. If you haven’t had a chance to share your input yet you can still fill out the survey and get a coupon code for 15% off your orders until the end of the year.

Your Region

What area (of the industry) do you (usually) work in?

This question was to get a snapshot of the areas of the music industry that the respondents participate in. Do they consider themselves professionals, amateurs, music educators (divided by school level, etc), community musicians. You were asked to tick any that applied.

How Much (Roughly) Has Your Business Been Affected?

How Many Gigs A Month Are You Able To Do?

What are the limits on your ability to work?

This question garnered a number of ‘other’ reasons that work has been limited including:

  • “No pay or play for tips because venues have limited money.”
  • “Festivals are not allowed to take place.”
  • “Outdoor gigs only. Now it’s getting colder.
  • Some events (Mardi Gras related) have cancelled due to the optics that would be perceived in social media.”
  • Normally we do 12-15 gigs a year. This year we did 1 (unpaid).”
  • “Wind instruments banned.”
  • “Band members age and average audience age all risk assessed high risk.”
  • “Contracts cancelled /postponed / rescheduled.”
  • “I am at high risk for COVID 19. Not taking any risks.
  • “Some member uneasy about playing. Declined one gig.

Is your Country / Region putting limits on …

Again, this one prompted some other limits that are happening around the world including:

  • “Outdoor shows only.”
  • “No vocals or horns indoors.”
  • “Assembly of over 25 people. More restrictions indoors.”
  • “Volume and indoors.”
  • “All music banned.”
  • “Gatherings. Bars and restaurants may only admit 25% of capacity.”
  • “All LIVE music IS LOCKED DOWN.”
  • “I’ve heard a required maximum number of attendees. Some of the normal live music venues have been doing it outside rather than inside.”

What kind of pivot options has your business tried to keep moving forward?

Videos and writing have taken the cake here. Some respondents also added that they’ve simply had to move onto other work like pop-up food businesses. This might be more and more the case as things drag on and governments start cutting back on supports (if they existed in your Country / Region in the first place!).

We’ll be back with more ..

As the results keep coming in these charts will be updated dynamically. There’s some great nuggets of wisdom, words of support that I’ll share with you throughout the coming weeks. We all need something to put a smile on our face and keep trudging forward!

Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts below and, of course complete the Survey if you haven’t had a chance to yet.

– Shaun Evans