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PepperHorn Music (PepperHorn Pty Ltd) Terms and Conditions

This Web Store is operated by PepperHorn Pty Ltd (ABN 34527 834 782) with registered business address of 1895 Mount Macedon Rd, Woodend, Victoria, Australia, 3429. PepperHorn Pty Ltd has a registered trading name of ‘PepperHorn Music’ which is associated with the web domain www.pepperhorn.com.

This document contains the Terms and Conditions of purchase and use of any products purchased through the PepperHorn Web Store (pepperhorn.com) or any authorized associate Web Stores or web domains of PepperHorn Music. PepperHorn Music reserved the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

We Provide Only Legally Licensed Products

PepperHorn Music is proud to work with Composers, Artists, Bands and Publishers around the world to provide you with access to professional quality, legally licensed Sheet Music and Audio products. We are ardently protective of our partner’s copyright and intellectual property rights. As such we have set out this Term and Conditions to respect and protect our Partners and their property as well as providing the Purchaser with a fair license to access and use our Products.

All Sales Are Final

As all of our Products are Digital Files where the Purchaser is given access to that Digital File upon purchase, all sales through the PepperHorn Web Store are final. Any refund, exchange or any other type of recourse, refund or discount after the purchase has been completed is solely at the discretion of PepperHorn Music.


Products can include anything purchased from the PepperHorn Web Store including Digital Print-At-Home sheet music products or Digital Audio Files, but may also include and not be limited to Digital Video Files or access to Digital Video Feeds, Podcasts, Streams and Digital Sheet Music Files (Digital or Portable Editions).

All Products remain the property of PepperHorn Music and it’s associated Publishers, Artists, Composers and Arrangers. All Products are provided to the Purchaser on the basis of a particular Product License and are limited by the terms laid out in these Terms and Conditions.

Personal Use

All products purchased through the PepperHorn Music Web Store or associated Web Stores are for your own Personal Use. For Sheet Music Products, Personal Use can include use within any ensembles with which you are an active participant. Access to any purchased products is strictly limited to the purchaser and available through that purchaser’s PepperHorn Music Account and accessed via their Personal digital devices (ie. Home Computer, Work Computer, Tablet, Smart Phone).

Any photocopying, copying, recording, video recording, arranging, orchestrating, transcribing, mechanical or digital reproduction or recording, transmitting, sharing, trading or any other means of communication of PepperHorn Music products for non-profit, demonstrative or commercial purposes are stricly prohibited. Failure to comply with the terms of Personal Use will result in the Puchaser’s account being suspended or removed, purchased Licenses frozen or voided and access to any or all Purchased Products will be removed.

Products purchased on behalf of an Educational Institution (Elementary, Secondary, Tertiary or Post-Secondary) by a Purchaser acting as an agent for the Educational Institution may only be accessed by the Purchaser. Photocopying of Sheet Music Products by Educational Institutions must stricly abide by the Copyright Act or Fair Use Act of your respective Country or Territory.

Products Licenses will be void and the products removed from the Puchaser’s Account should PepperHorn Music no longer be licensed to provide that particular Product. PepperHorn Music also reserves the right to discontinue a Product at any time and void any active licenses. The Purchaser is not entitled to any refund or recourse for purchased items which have been removed from their account due to any Terms or Conditions laid out in this document. See more information on Discontinued Products here.


All Products purchased from PepperHorn Music are provided to the Purchaser under License. PepperHorn Music reserves the right to alter, amend or revoke the License at any time.

Print Music Products will only be provided in a Digital Print-At-Home format for the Purchaser to Print a copy to their Home or Work Printer, under the conditions of Personal Use as detailed above. Print Music Products will not be provided to the Purchaser in PDF, Midi, MusicXML, Sibelius, Finale or any other Digital or Digital Notation format unless explicitly provided for within the scope of that product’s license at purchase time.

The Licenses for each Product are laid out in the PepperHorn Web Store along with the associated Product, but may include the following:

Print Licenses:

All Print Licenses are subject to the provisions of Peronsal Use as detailed above.

  • Standard Print-At-Home License: The Purchaser is entitled to unlimited Print opportunities.
  • Limited Print License: The Purchaser is entitled to a limited number of Print opportunities as described in that license (limited by number of print attempts or days for access to print copies of the product).
  • Custom Stamped PDF Download License: The Purchaser will receive access to a download link for a unique, PDF copy of the product(s) stamped digitally with their purchase details. Removal of any stamped details, digital watermarking or other Digital Rights Management from the PDF download will void the license to access that product.

Audio Product Licenses:

All Audio Licenses are subject to the provision of Personal Use as detailed above

  • Standard Audio Download License: The Purchaser is entitled to unlimited download opportunities.
  • Limited Audio Download License: The Purchaser is entitled to a limited number of Product downloads as defined in the Product details.

Further Licensing Conditions

Licenses DO NOT include or infer the right to publicly perform the Composition or Music present in the Purchased Product. Please ensure you or the performance venue have the appopriate Public Performance Licenses in place. If you are unsure if you have the correct Public Performance permissions or Licenses please contact the Performing Rights Organization in your Country or Territory.

Licenses DO NOT include or infer the right to record, video record or otherwise make a mechanical or digital copy or recording of the Purchased Product or underlying Music or Composition present in the Purchased Product, whether for commercial, demonstrative or non-profit purposes. In order to make a recording of any sort of the Composition or Music present in our Sheet Music products please consult your Country or Territory’s Mechanical Copyright Collection Organization for the appropriate Mechanical or Digital License.

In no way does the Purchaser’s License include or infer the right to arrange, transpose, photocopy, copy, digitize or alter the Product in any way without prior written permission of PepperHorn Music and/or the pertinent Copyright Holders.

Key Changes

PepperHorn Music will provide key changes for Print Music and Audio Rehearsal Products where possible providing:

  • PepperHorn Music retains the right to the typographical arrangement
  • PepperHorn Music has been licensed the right to amend or alter the typographical arrangement
  • PepperHorn Music retains the mechanical right to the underlying composition (in the case of Audio Products)
  • It is musically viable to provide the arrangement or Audio Product in the requested key

Key changes will be provided in as timely a manner as possible and added to the Purchasers account. Key Changes are part of the originally purchased Product and as such are subject to all Terms and Conitions of the associated Product License. All Key change requests are subject to the discretion of the Editors at PepperHorn Music.

Unauthorized Use

PepperHorn takes Unauthorized Use of its Products and their underlying Musical Compositions very seriously and will take steps both punitive and Legal against any User or Purchaser found in breach of our Personal Use terms and these Terms and Conditions.

PepperHorn Music will remove the License for a given Product or freeze or remove the account of a User who has been found to breach the terms of their License. Any User or Purchaser found or alleged to have shared, traded, copied or distributed our Products in an unauthorized fashion will have their accounts removed, their Licenses voided and be reported to the relevant authorities in the case of Copyright Infringement. We will also notify all associated Rights Holders, Composers, Artists or Publishers of any Copyright Infringement and they may seek appropriate Legal Action and/or damages.

Further Guarantees

PepperHorn Music does not represent or seek to represent any Artist, Composer, Ensemble, Band, Publisher, Writer or Arranger unless explicitly stated.


PepperHorn Music reserves the right to change the pricing on its Products at any time. Pricing is based in USD and any additionally available currencies are calculated at an exchange rate set by PepperHorn Music based upon it’s available Australian Bank exchange rates. PepperHorn Music reserves the right to adjust these exchange rates at any point to reflect adjustments in the currency markets or in response to banking costs associated with foreign currency exchange. If you have any questions in relation to our exchange rates please contact Shaun Evans, Director, PepperHorn Music.

Applicable Taxes

The product price is inclusive of any applicable taxes unless stated otherwise. Any included taxes will be clearly stated in the Checkout and on all Invoices and Receipts.

Questions or Concerns

If the User or Purchaser has any questions or concerns related to these Terms and Conditions, PepperHorn Music suggests that they refrain from purchase until their questions or concerns are satisfied. For any inquiries please contact Shaun Evans, Director, PepperHorn Music at shaun@pepperhorn.com.